Welcome to Everide's Old and Obsolete Radiators and Condensers Section!

Welcome to Everide's old and obsolete radiators section. Bear in mind a lot of these radiators may not be made anymore, and we may or not have only one of each one of these in stock!
Everide's Old and Obsolete Radiators Section

Here at Everide, we do a lot of regular business with many popular applications, but we do on occation find good deals on old and obsolete stock, or perhaps a part we had a lot in stock of suddenly didn't sell any more and we've written it down, or we've simply special ordered in something for someone who never picked it up. This goes for radiators, AND condensers!

Whatever the case, every radiator or condenser that is in this section is brand new in the box, and many of them are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer! However, we still offer a limited lifetime warrenty, up to the amount spent at the time of sale! Bear in mind many of these radiators we may only have one of in stock, and possibly can't procure anymore as there may not be any manufacturers making them anymore.

On another note, if you call us on something that's not shown in this limited section, and are interested in it, we will be HAPPY to take a picture of it, and email it to you if we have it on our shelf!

Bear in mind, these are just a few of the many different listings that we have radiators or condensers for.

Please click on your particular application below to see if we have anything that fits it.




Dodge Durango/Dakota Condenser



GM / Isuzu


Mercedes 190E




Volkswagon Campmobile Condenser

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