Welcome to Everide's Old and Obsolete Radiators Section!

Welcome to Everide's old and obsolete radiators section. Bear in mind a lot of these radiators may not be made anymore, and we may or not have only one of each one of these in stock!
Old or Obsolete Dodge Condenser By Everide Radiator

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Condenser # : 4798/4922


1997 - 1999 Dodge Durango/ Dodge Dakota all engine sizes

Core Dimensions: 21 1/4" x 19 1/4" x 7/8"


This condenser fits all Dodge Dakotas and Durangos between the years 1997 and 1999. The only difference is this condenser does not come with the plastic shroud like most of them do, but the old shroud can be used with it. We had a manufacturer send us several of this part number for some reason without the shroud attached, and most of our body shops prefer the one with the shroud because the original shroud is most likely damaged in the accident. This is a new condenser.

Price: $65.00
*Plus additionional Standard UPS shipping charges

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Our Toll Free number is: 1-800-533-4122 or 1-800-828-4456
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