Welcome to Everide's Old and Obsolete Condensers Section!

Welcome to Everide's old and obsolete radiators section. Bear in mind a lot of these radiators may not be made anymore, and we may or not have only one of each one of these in stock!
Old or Obsolete Volkswagen Campmobile Radiator By Everide Radiator

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Here at Everide, we don't just deal with radiators only, we have a full line of condensers as well. With condensers however, the main ones that only sell big are the ones for the newer models which are purchased by body shops to fix vehicles that are involved in wrecks. With the exception of antique vehicles, people tend to be hesitant to replace a condenser in an older vehicle unless they're restoring it. However, we have many older condensers we would be happy to get rid of at very low prices just to move the old stock out of our inventory. In many cases, at the same price we paid paid for them. Don't let a little pebble thrown up from the road keep you from enjoying your air conditioning driving around in the heat thinking it's too costly a repair, just give us a call!

This condenser we had custom built to original equipment specifications back in 1990 by sending in our customer's original condenser, and the customer never picked it up!


From the tag, this condenser was modeled from a 1973 VW Campmobile condenser, however, it may fit more than just that one year, or every model. It may fit a regular VW Bus as well for all we know.

Core Dimensions: 25" x 7" x 1 5/8"

Remarks: The measurement above is of the CORE only, the actual fin area, as you can see it has to flanges shown in the rear, each flange is for mounting, and each has two holes in it for mounting it in the vehicle. One of the protective caps has been removed from one of the fittings to show the type of fitting it uses, both are the same on each side.

Price: Negotiable
*Plus additionional Standard UPS shipping charges

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Our Toll Free number is: 1-800-533-4122 or 1-800-828-4456
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